DESIGN YOUR YEAR digital vision board workshop

Do you have a plan for 2019 yet? NO? Join us for our first cyber VISION BOARD workshop to align your goals with what your SOUL really want! YES, cyber. I am so excited to bring you vision boarding in the comfort of your home.  


You CAN have the life you DREAM of!

YES you!

I know that JOY, fulfillment, a LOVING relationship, SUCCESS, exciting HOLIDAYS and more than enough MONEY are all things that you deserve, we just need to help you get clear on what it is you really desire deep inside.

Join me for a FUN morning of creating the GRANDEST VISION for your life! I will show you how to MANIFEST your DREAMS and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

I am your SOUL COACH, Paula, and I am THRILLED to help you CLAIM back your life and live the life your were BORN to LIVE!

Through the sacred process  of creating a vision board you powerfully seed your dreams for the future.

A vision boards is a powerful visualisation and goal setting tool which does not only motivate and inspire but also provide clarity. Vision Boards offer a way to anchor your dreams and allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life.

This will be our first ONLINE Vision Board workshop and I am so thrilled about this.

Why? You get to make a cuppa and sit in the comfort of your home and DESIGN YOUR YEAR.

* You register for the workshop
* Once payment has been received we will send you a confirmation email.
* After this you will receive your Vision Board preparation email.
* You will receive guided exercises to support your Vision Board creation
* You will receive the notification for the webinar for 31st of January 2019.
* You will do your vision board in your own time
* You will join people from across South Africa in our live webinar for your Vision Board interpretation, here you will receive messages from your subconscious and soul.

**Limited space available

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