Conscious Engagement 1 Day workshop

An insightful session that will cover the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness.

From: R980.00


This working session will cover the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness. Our drift and shift moments, the ‘games’ we get into without being aware.

We will explore the 4 key anchors necessary to develop increased consciousness, presence and self awareness.

1) The power of conscious engagement
2) The games we play when we are hooked
3) Understanding our hooks / triggers
4) Understanding the world of emotion and how to interpret and release emotion
5) Taking radical responsibility for our lives
6) The power of narratives and our stories
7) An assessment measuring your social drivers [based on neuroscience principles]

* The day will be practical and immersive
* Lots of opportunity for conversation
* Leave the day with practical tips and profound insights


A light welcome breakfast, light lunch and morning and afternoon teas / coffee
A reflection journal and pen
A day of learning and insight
Handouts and reference cards

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